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I'm mostly here. This is just a gastronomic scrapbook.

orphans xmas

things i made:

smoked salmon, homegrown beetroot and watercress salad w/ creme fraiche and dill

caramelised onion, goats cheese, artichoke and thyme tart

chilli peach salad / rosemary roast pumpkin salad w/ roast onion, feta and spinach 

garlicky green beans

bbq meats [provided by others]

chilled eggnog / pineapple ginger beer punch / cranberry cooler

mango and coconut ice cream pudding

panna cotta with mango-sage coulis

people arrived, ate and lay down to recover. tea candles floated in jars filled with chillies and rosemary. we watched a lot of unexpected christmas films, had a healthy discussion about race (what else), someone spilled wine on my moroccan rug. later I stood in a smokers circle in the rain and it felt like vancouver all over again. the next morning we ate san choy bow and leftovers gifted from other gatherings, and I felt okay. just okay. how else do you feel about leaving a house you’ve inhabited for 25 years? make a home of your body, okay, but there’s still a lot of cargo to offload.